Marketing & Growth

In his novel 'David & Goliath', Malcolm Gladwell highlights that David was able to beat that giant Goliath 63.6% of the time through the use of unconventional strategy. Marketing thrives when that very same strategy is embraced. The size of your organization means nothing when your people recognize those opportunities and execute effectively.

Think AirBnB. They didn't let their teensy little group of users limit the potential of their launch. They reverse engineered the entire process and saddled right up on top of that giant we call Craigslist and leveraged that monster of user-base to their advantage.

Whether you deal in B2C or B2B, everyone's on the hunt for that needle mover, that T-shaped marketer hell- bent on growing your business; familiar with every facet of your growth potential and the possibilities the online environment presents when it comes to resonating with your future customers. Whether it's development, design, support...they're beating the drum, they're overseeing every detail of the execution, they're making sense of the data; measuring, testing and tossing what won't work for you.
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