Salary survey

Salary survey
We've spent this last year engaging with thousands of candidates and clients across various industries, predominantly in the permanent sector, to bring you the most up-to-date salary guide for the city of Toronto.

Key trends for 2018 include:
- As the fourth largest city in North America and Canada’s economic powerhouse, Toronto has one of the top digital and tech industries on the continent, employing more than 168,000 people in over 15,000 organizations
- Toronto is the third largest North American Centre for technology firms, generating $52 billion in annual revenue, and home to 35% of the top 250 Canadian technology organizations
- Salaries have increased by an average of 2.5-5% over the last 12 months
- Upon job switch, the average salary increase is between 10-15%

Digital and tech are one of the fastest growing industries of our economy, where the vast majority of organizations are now investing in bringing those disciplines in-house.

With an all too prevalent shortage of talent available, A-players are more highly coveted than ever, and we at Accentio Group couldn't be more excited.
Chief Marketing Officer $180k to $350k
VP Marketing $140k to $250k
VP Growth $120k to $220k
VP Digital $130k to $210k
VP User Experience $150k to $220k
VP Ecommerce $130k to $220k
VP Communications $140k to $200k
VP Analytics $130k to $180k
AVP Marketing $130k to $170k
AVP Digital $110k to $170k
Director Marketing $110k to $160k
Director Digital Marketing $120k to $180k
Director Social $90k to $150k
Director Content $90k to $150k
Director SEO $80k to $150k
Director PR $100k to $150k
Director Digital Analytics $80k to $130k
Director Ecommerce $95k to $160k
Director User Experience $100k to $160k
Director Demand Generation $110k to $160k
Growth Hacker $100k to $160k
Manager Online Acqusition $60k to $110k
Manager Digital Marketing $70k to $120k
Manager Social Media $60k to $100k
Social Media Strategist $60k to $110k
Manager Content $60k to $90k
Manager CRM $60k to $100k
Manager SEO $50k to $100k
Manager PPC $50k to $90k
Manager Digital Analytics $70k to $100k
Manager Marketing $70k to $100k
Manager PR $60k to $90k
Manager Ecommerce $70k to $105k
Manager Marketing Operations $65k to $105k
Manager Demand Generation $60k to $110k
Manager Marketing Automation $50 to $95k
Chief Product Officer $150k to $300k
VP Product $130k to $250k
Director Product $110k to $200k
Director Digital Product $90 to $160k
Director Product Marketing $90k to 150k
Senior Product Manager $100k to $150k
Manager Product Marketing $70k to $100k
Product Manager $50k to $90k
CIO $180k to $300k
CTO $170k to $300k
VP Engineering $130k to $280k
Director Engineering $110k to $250k
Lead Engineer $90k to $160k
Principal Engineer $80k to $150k
Senior Staff Engineer $80k to $150k
Staff Engineer $70k to $130k
Senior Software Developer $80k to $150k
Software Developer $50k to $110k
Lead Front End Developer $80k to $140k
Senior Front End Developer $65k to $120k
Front End Developer $45k to $85k
Lead Mobile Developer $100k to $160k
Senior Mobile Developer $80k to $120k
Mobile Developer $60k to $100k